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(Listen to Adjágas on Myspace here)

Update (July 7, 2010):

Thank you to everyone that supported Adjágas with your vote! While unfortunately, Adjágas did not win the grant, they feel greatly honored to have been nominated and to see Sámi culture, music and the art of joiking get such recognition after so many years of suppression. They and everyone congratulate Moddi on the A-HA grant win. Now, let’s find a way to bring Adjágas to a town/city near you!

Don’t forget to visit their new WEBSITE too!

Update (July 5, 2010): POLLS are NOW OPEN! Visit Adjágas new website HERE to VOTE. Please VOTE TODAY. Polls close on July 6 in USA/CAN and July 7 in Norway. THANK YOU!  To vote via SMS (you need to have a Norwegian mobile telephone):Eller du kan stemme ved å sende SMS med kodeord A-HA 1 til nummer 2424 så mange ganger du vil 🙂  altså, Tast A-HA 1 og send til 2424 (Sms-tjenesten koster 1 kr per.sms).

Adjágas can, with YOUR HELP, win a $170,000 USD/1 million NOK grant from the legendary Norwegian band A-HA. This is how you can help!

Adjágas is super proud being one of only two bands competing for a huge scholarship. Whether Adjágas or our good friend Paul Moddi Knutsen wins this fantastic grant, will be decided by the people! 🙂 It’s down to Adjágas and Moddi. And we need your help!

We are making this event in order to send all the info you need to help us. The poll does not begin before the 5th of July and lasts for only 2 days. We would therefore like to gather as many helpers as possible in advance, so that we can give you more details when they are ready. What we can say for certain is that one can vote on the Internet and SMS from the 5th to the 7th of July.

$170,000 would mean a lot to Adjágas! Our dreams are to record a music video, a new album and to go touring across the world. We are also embarking concrete plans for a grand launch in Asia and North America. The grant would make all these dreams possible.

Join in on this event page and help us to gather more votes, from your good friends, friends of friends, curious and generous good people – we need everyone’s help. We promise a lot of activity on this event page towards reconciliation, lasting from the 5th to the 7th of July.

Please hit the “ATTENDING” button on the event page to support us. Then you also have the opportunity to win signed CDs and other effects from Adjágas.

CLICK HERE to join via Facebook, or CLICK HERE to join via MYSPACE.

IF you do NOT have either source, e-mail us HERE with the Subject Header: Vote for ADJAGAS! and we will send you the detailed information on how to vote with a reminder when the voting begins!