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Killer Whale PR+M proudly announces three new artists that have joined our team, Actor Kyle Conrad, Photographer Wesley Law and Filmmaker Per-Josef Idivuoma! All bring something special and unique to our world and Killer Whale would be amiss to not show off their talents and contributions. So go ahead, read more about them here (or visit our page on “Artists We’re Talking About”).


Kyle Conrad was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1984. His displayed his love for acting early in life, running around his house, singing and acting out scenes from “Aladdin.” He attended a fine arts high school, Tulsa Central where he practiced various performing arts as well as baseball and kicking it up with his skateboard. When he was 18, the army called Kyle into action. He was part of the first invading unit to reach Baghdad where they set up relations with the local Iraqis. He had a brief stay back in the States and then another year long deployment in 2005 where his assignment was to drive throughout the country of Iraq completing weekly convoy missions. On his next return home, he did a year of Business Management at Oklahoma State University until he was called back to duty for the Oklahoma National Guard as a Detainees Operations Specialist. He last returned home in October 2008 and has spent over a year contemplating his years in service and the next steps of his life. He’s now renewing his passion for life by exploring and challenging his creative self through acting. He can easily mold himself into a variety of characters and his experience in war obviously lends well to action films. Ah, and he’s also a vampire freak! He would love to delve into the mystery and reveal the strengths and vulnerabilities of the vampire as they face the day to day of eternal life. His high observational talents attract him to films that explore the struggle between good and evil and the personal motivation behind so much power. Along with dramatic roles, he also enjoys bringing out his playful spirit through comedy. This class clown lists “Super Troopers” and “Grandma’s Boy” alongside his favorite dramatic films such as “Fight Club,” “Shawshank Redemption,” “American History X” and “Forrest Gump.” It is easy to come into the presence of Kyle and feel the sincerity, depth and acute awareness he brings to the world. Like Aladdin, Kyle too rises through adversity with the power of magic. Check out his modeling pix from a fun St. Louis photo-shoot with the great Wesley Law! Visit our “Pix” Page at the top.

PER-JOSEF IDIVUOMA | Filmmaker | Sweden

Per-Josef Idivuoma was born and raised in the village of Idivuoma in northern Sweden, and grew up in the woods. He was raised in a reindeer-herding family, and has a close relationship with both his family and the culture. Idivuoma’s strong tie to his reindeer-herding traditions is witnessed in his creativity as he aims to inject Sámi values, morality and lifestyle into his films. Per-Josef expresses himself best in humoristic styles, such as parodies, and he always has a bright and humoristic side to everything in life. If a story doesn’t have any humor in it, it’s not worth telling according to Per-Josef. Per-Josef Idivuoma has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sámi Journalism, and since 2001 he worked at the Sámi radio station in Sweden, but in 2010 he left radio for good to start making movies. His biggest hope is to make a Sámi action-comedy in the future, but first he has to make several more short movies of his twenty-something ideas. Idivuoma’s first movie Čalmmis čalbmái/Eye to Eye (2007) had its World Premiere at the Native Cinema Showcase in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, and was nominated for the Čorvoš Prize at Sámi Film Festival in Kautokeino, Norway. Čurte-Niillas – the (Short) Movie was also nominated for the Čorvos Prize in 2010. Per-Josef is also the co-director, producer and editor of Mollet’s new music video for the song “Mon, Mollet Ja Don” that’s was YouTube released in May 2010. He’s the frontman in the Sámi rock band Mollet which released an EP in 2007 and a 2008 pre-album release on the World Wide Web for the long awaited full length album “Dego Yeah!” that came out in June 2010. He is currently in pre-production for a skateboarding parody film to be shot in 2011 in Stockholm. You can find PJ on Youtube to the links on the right.

WESLEY LAW | Photographer | USA

And last but not least, we would like to introduce you to photographer, Wesley Law. His photographic career started in London documenting East Asian immigrants as they integrated into the European culture. Having won a grant from the Alexia Foundation for World Peace to complete the 1.5 year project, the resulting work has travelled all over the world in a 2006 group exhibit entitled, Eyes on the World. It has graced cities such as New York, London, Athens, Tokyo and Bejing and is met with wide acclaim. Wesley continues to expand his work as globally as he possibly can. Through recent trips to China he has amassed a collection of images of the incredible pace of progress the country has experienced in the past 10 years. From classic images of the Three Gorges before they were flooded to the furthest western city, Urumqi and the superhighway that now bisects the former village. Wesley’s vision has always been to show compassion to both viewers: those who have never been there and those who are from there. Wesley’s latest international travels have taken him as far as the borders of Russia in a country called, Estonia. A former soviet puppet state, Estonia has risen to be called one of the Baltic Tigers. Wesley traveled around the capital city of Tallinn with a 4×5 film camera and lighting equipment to capture striking large format portraits of the landmarks and the people who inhabit the land. Wesley’s images never intend to show the foreign nature of another culture but to display the compassion of difference. Wesley is himself multicultural as his parents are from China, settling in St. Louis to raise a family almost 45 years ago. He draws a lot of his compassion and perspective towards others from the unique experiences growing up Asian-American. Visit his website by either linking on his picture or in the link field to the right. Oh, and he took the fab new pix of Kyle! To see more from this great St. Louie photo shoot, check out our “Pix” page at the top.

Thanks for coming back and visiting us here at Killer Whale PR+M. After a long, trying and hot hot summer, we’re happy to bounce back with these three new talented and über groovy men. Stay tuned for exciting future updates we can’t tell you about just yet, but we promise, cool things are gonna start happening! Cheerios!