THE WHOLE CABOODLE (One-woman Performance by Sara Margrethe Oskal)

THE_WHOLE_CABOODLE_20140816 (1)Norwegian Sámi actress Sara Margrethe Oskal’s one-woman performance, THE WHOLE CABOODLE, uses storytelling and yoiks (indigenous chanting unique to the Sámi) to give us three contemporary Sámi characters that provokes our intellect and tickles our conscience.

Sara Margrethe Oskal’s THE WHOLE CABOODLE tours North America from October 16 through October 30. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see her perform her award-winning show in your area. For more information on Sara Margrethe Oskal and her show, visit her website here:

By and with: Sara Margrethe Oskal

Directors: Anitta Suikkari and Thea Stabell
Traditional yoiks and yoiks by: Karen Anne Buljo, Mathis A. Oskal and Nils Magnus Tornensis.
Costume: Berit Marit Hætta
Video editor: Silja Somby
Poster and technical support: John Rickard Valkeapää

Suitable for youth and adults.

Click Here for her October 2014North American Tour Details


THE WHOLE CABOODLE 2014 North American Tour is made possible by the generous support and collaboration of the Norwegian Government, Embassies, Consulates, the Sámi Siida of North America, Torpedo Factory of Art, Michigan State University, Falcon Ridge Middle School, Youngstown Cultural Arts and the Centre for Indigenous Arts. 

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