“OK BREATHE AURALEE” is a film gracing audiences at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. It exposes some of the intricacies of Native life. Focusing on the themes of adoption and the life choices that follow, the film is in line with the current push to tell Native stories from a real life standpoint. When the whole idea of interpreting and understanding Native identity is thrown upon the silver screen, what is the reward? Guests include Native filmmaker Brooke Swaney (Blackfeet/Salish), and Native actress Kendra Mylenchuk.

We start the live broadcast at 11 a.m. Mountain Time (10 a.m. Pacific Time/ 12 p.m. Central Time/ 1 p.m. Eastern Time). We are broadcast on nearly 70 places on the dial across the United States. There is a listing of the stations where we can be heard on our website at http://www.nativeamericacalling.com

Native America Calling Airtime:
Monday – Friday 11 a.m.-12 p.m. Mountain time (1-2 p.m. Eastern)
CALL-IN number: 1-800-996-2848 or 1-800-99-NATIV
LISTEN ON-LINE: http://www.nv1.org Rebroadcast: 7 p.m. Eastern on http://www.nv1.org http://www.nv1.org/


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