THE WHOLE CABOODLE (One-woman Performance by Sara Margrethe Oskal)

THE_WHOLE_CABOODLE_20140816 (1)Norwegian Sámi actress Sara Margrethe Oskal’s one-woman performance, THE WHOLE CABOODLE, uses storytelling and yoiks (indigenous chanting unique to the Sámi) to give us three contemporary Sámi characters that provokes our intellect and tickles our conscience.

Sara Margrethe Oskal’s THE WHOLE CABOODLE tours North America from October 16 through October 30. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see her perform her award-winning show in your area. For more information on Sara Margrethe Oskal and her show, visit her website here:

By and with: Sara Margrethe Oskal

Directors: Anitta Suikkari and Thea Stabell
Traditional yoiks and yoiks by: Karen Anne Buljo, Mathis A. Oskal and Nils Magnus Tornensis.
Costume: Berit Marit Hætta
Video editor: Silja Somby
Poster and technical support: John Rickard Valkeapää

Suitable for youth and adults.

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THE WHOLE CABOODLE 2014 North American Tour is made possible by the generous support and collaboration of the Norwegian Government, Embassies, Consulates, the Sámi Siida of North America, Torpedo Factory of Art, Michigan State University, Falcon Ridge Middle School, Youngstown Cultural Arts and the Centre for Indigenous Arts. 


FIM at Old Style

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Wednesday 24 October at 7:00 PM

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“OK BREATHE AURALEE” is a film gracing audiences at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. It exposes some of the intricacies of Native life. Focusing on the themes of adoption and the life choices that follow, the film is in line with the current push to tell Native stories from a real life standpoint. When the whole idea of interpreting and understanding Native identity is thrown upon the silver screen, what is the reward? Guests include Native filmmaker Brooke Swaney (Blackfeet/Salish), and Native actress Kendra Mylenchuk.

We start the live broadcast at 11 a.m. Mountain Time (10 a.m. Pacific Time/ 12 p.m. Central Time/ 1 p.m. Eastern Time). We are broadcast on nearly 70 places on the dial across the United States. There is a listing of the stations where we can be heard on our website at

Native America Calling Airtime:
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Park City, Utah – To start off the new year Killer Whale will be representing Blackfeet/Salish Brooke Swaney’s short narrative film “OK BREATH AURALEE”, The International Sámi Film Centre’s Indigenous Film Circle and the McBride College Bound Council at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.


Blackfeet/Salish writer/director and recent NYU MFA graduate, Brooke Swaney debuts at the Sundance Film Festival with “OK BREATHE AURALEE,” the first of four episodic pieces in a forthcoming feature film. The only short film to be selected for the Native Forum at Sundance 2012, “OK BREATHE AURALEE” features a talented cast including fresh face, Kendra Mylenchuk and Canadian celebrity Nathanial Arcand. In the film, Swaney tackles contemporary issues in Indian Country, focusing on adoption, identity and assimilation issues told in a subtle subtext and set in crowded New York City.

OK BREATHE AURALEE, competing in this years shorts competition, explores the story of a baby-crazed woman, Auralee, who finds herself drifting away from her baby-reluctant boyfriend, Colin and searching for something more.  The film is part of an overall feature-length character driven piece that focuses on Urban American Indians, the four elements (air, fire, water and earth) and the mystical in the quotidien (everyday life).  

In Brooke’s own words:
“I really wanted to make a movie that was kind of surreal with interesting (and not necessarily always likeable) characters. I have a bunch of female friends who have reached a point in their lives where they want to pop out a baby (and no, that’s not me), but I wanted to explore what that must be like.  Auralee is also adopted away from her Native community (like many people of a certain generation) and I wanted to do a story about that, but not have it be so over-the-top about identity politics, rather more quiet and character specific to really get into her experience.”

1/20/2012 12:00 PM @ Yarrow Hotel Theatre (Park City, Utah(
1/20/2012 9:00 PM @ Broadway Centre Cinema (Salt Lake City, Utah)
1/22/2012 3:30 PM @ Redstone Cinema (Park City, Utah)
1/26/2012 4:00 PM @ Holiday VIllage Cinema (Park City, Utah)



One of the main objectives of the Indigenous Film Circle is to advise and facilitate an international film scholarship, “The Indigenous Film Fellowship” (IFF), that partners emerging indigenous film talent with notable and distinguished filmmakers worldwide in a two year program aimed at developing strong and compelling scripts and preparing solid marketing and financing plans before going into production.  The Indigenous Film Circle boasts an impressive group of filmmakers as their Fellowship Mentors. Mentors participating in the 2011 – 2013 fellowship include Donald Ranvaud, Chris Eyre, Heather Rae, Annie Nocenti, and Mikael Olsen.  The aim of the Indigenous Film circle is to create a lasting network and establish an Indigenous film fund to support emerging Indigenous film talents world wide.

The Indigenous Film Circle is made up of a group of representatives from cultural and media organizations from around the globe and is coordinated by the International Sámi Film Centre based in Kautokeino, Norway.

The Indigenous Film Circle also helps sustain the growth and connectivity for Indigenous films by bringing together individuals and organizations for continued dialogue through conferencing and digital resources on the Internet. Both the Indigenous Film Circle and the Indigenous Film Fellowship fulfill the International Sámi Film Centre’s mission to strengthen the Indigenous film network while also helping support and develop strong new talent within the film industry through the creation and growth of a permanent network for Indigenous filmmakers and supporting partners globally.



At the 2012 Sundance Film Festival the College Bound Council is hosting a benefit marketplace and lounge by bringing the newest trends in products from jewelry, fashion, décor, technology and entertainment to the heart of Main Street in Park City.

~Receive a free gift bag for any purchase made with one of their vendors~

A portion of all proceeds will go to College Bound Council.  Founded in 1994, The McBride Foundation manages the College Bound Council which is an innovative program that uses college students to communicate the benefits of higher education to children in elementary schools.  Over 160,000 students have since learned about the importance of personal responsibility and the opportunities created by higher education.

Visit the Marketplace and Lounge
Friday, January 20 – Sunday, January 22, 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
and make a difference in a child’s life.

2012 Vendor List: SpiritHoods, G-Form, Over the Moon, Charley’s Toffee, N:F:P New Form Perspective, Engage Green, Quivvers, Sensorium AV, New West Knifeworks, Pop Phone, Sarinova, Élevée,  Shoot New Mexico, John Hung Ha, Heritage Jewelry, Gramicii


United States—The acclaimed alternative folk band from the Arctic of Norway, Adjágas, is set to have their introductory tour across the United States beginning July 3 and continuing through July 16. Supporting Adjágas are some of the best independent bands America has to offer, in part to welcome them here for their first tour across the States and also to show support for the culture of the indigenous people of the Scandinavian Arctic, the Sámi people. Along the way, Native American communities and musicians will also greet their European cousins to Indian Country. The two-week tour, which begins in Los Angeles and ends in New York City the first two weeks of July celebrates Adjágas ability to cross world-bridges in both culture and sound with the independent music scene and our indigenous heritages.

Adjágas is Sara Marielle Gaup and Lawra Somby—joikers (from the word joik, pronounced “yoik” and is a combination of singing and chanting) of Sámi origin from Norway. Both are backed by an experimental folk band. Joining Adjágas tour is Max Crawford on trumpet and banjo (of Poi Dog Pondering, the Archer Prewitt band and Wilco recordings). Joiking is an integral part of Sámi history, tradition and culture and bands as well known as The Sea & Cake,  Ethan Gold and Native musicians including Blackfire and Brent Greenwood, are coming together to support Adjágas by sharing double-billed acts in their hometowns.

On July 3, Adjágas will have a concert at the Hotel Café in Los Angeles with Ethan Gold whose recent album “Songs From A Toxic Apartment” received rave reviews from music journals such as Pitchfork and Glide magazines for his combined natural and electronic sounds including string sections and synthesizers. Opening for the main acts are Too Cute To Kill from Oklahoma, Willem Broad (of the FIM band) and Archer Black from L.A. The globally known Navajo punk rock band, Blackfire, will welcome Adjágas to their hometown of Flagstaff, Arizona where they will host a community event at the Taala Hooghan and again at the Navajo Nation Museum in Window Rock on July 7. Adjágas will then travel to Santa Fe and perform for an art installation project, “The Due Return” at the Center for Contemporary Art. In Oklahoma on July 10, Adjágas will share the stage with Oklahoma’s Deerpeople and Fiawna Forté, two bands that recently graced the 2011 SXSW Film and Music Festival as part of Oklahoma’s music showcase at the Buffalo Lounge. Ponca powwow singer, Brent Greenwood, Adjágas and Fiawna Forté will also have unplugged performances during Adjágas welcoming party at the This Land Press (Oklahoma’s first new media company) backyard, with teepee and all. Chicago’s favorite indie musicians, Archer Prewitt and Sam Prekop of The Sea and Cake, who have heavily influenced bands like Broken Social Scene and The White Stripes, will introduce them to their local scene on July 13 at the Empty Bottle. Adjágas will end their tour in New York City, opening for Jimbo Mathis & The Tri-State Coalition at Littlefield NYC in Brooklyn and have a solo performance with The Dust Diver Flash (Laura Ortman and Bee & Flower’s Dana Schecter)  in Manhattan’s Cine M Art space. Spy FM radio will have a special focus on the tour on his show The SPY’s Eye on NDN Country.

[SPECIAL NOTE: Adjágas tour is supported through the Norwegian government and Sámi cultural organizations and is a not-for-profit tour. If you would like to help provide additional support for the tour and thus help spread the beauty of the Sámi culture and music, click here: BRINGING ADJAGAS TO AMERICAN AUDIENCES. To submit to our 501(c)3 umbrella organization go here: and donate to a tax-deductible organization via PayPal click HERE.]

Integral to this tour are the friends along the way who have helped bring this together, Joe Kennedy of Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, Ethan Gold, Archer Prewitt of The Sea & Cake, Wes and Maura Studi, Julie Porter of The Oklahoma Film & Music Office, Jason Silverman and Filip Celander of the Center for Contemporary Arts in Santa Fe, Berta Benally of Blackfire, Jim Jarmusch and Carter Logan of New York, Smithsonian Institution National Museum of the American Indian, Kyle Reinhart at the Scandinavia House, Ferris O’Brien and D.G. Smalling of Spy FM Radio.

Adjágas is a well-known act and popular band in Europe, having opened the Glastonbury Festival in back in 2007 as well as performing at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver in Canada. Adjágas’ music is based around the concept of the joik, a traditional musical form which describes something not with its words but its sounds. Each member of the band brings their own personal generational and cultural memory to the songs and collectively the band takes listeners on a journey into the heart of their legacy.

For current event schedule, see the EVENTS section at top. Additional tour dates may be announced and with detailed information on how to obtain tickets to the shows. For more information and updated schedules, please contact Killer Whale PR+M: Michelle Svenson (918) 810-2368, + Leah Studie (405) 762-2918,,

Today’s FREE Listen: “Hás it!from Adjágas latest albumManu Rávdnji”


EXTRA EXTRA! Listen to Ethan Gold‘s “Royal Flush” from his album “Songs From a Toxic Apartment”


Adjágas and Killer Whale PR+M graciously thank the Royal Norwegian Consulate Generals in New York and San Francisco and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Washington, DC. Additional support for Adjágas promotional and cultural exchange tour has been graciously provided by Sapmimusic and the Sámi Council.

















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New York, NY—The Smithsonian’s 15th Native American Film + Video Festival Closing Night celebration concert is presented by indie filmmaker Jim Jarmusch and will feature over four indigenous artists, local bands Family Dynamics and Martha Redbone, Canadian siren—Elisapie Isaac, Oklahoma’s The Nekid Bandit and special guest musicians, Drew Nix and Gary Farmer on Sunday, April 3, 2011 at Brooklyn’s Southpaw music hall. The evening’s free event is made possible by Four Directions Productions, Quebec Government Office in New York and Dutch Boy Burger.

NY independent filmmaker who directed what has been considered one of the best Native American films ever made, Dead Man, Jim Jarmusch lends his name again to the Closing Night Celebration Concert for the 2011 Native American Film + Video Festival (NAFVF). The 2009 NAFVF Closing Night featured over five bands and filled the 5,000 sq foot venue, Southpaw, which TimeOutNY Magazine has named one of the top five venues in all of New York City. The NAFVF is honored by Jarmusch’s kind support.

This year’s line-up for the 2011 NAFVF concert includes a wide variety and musical styles chosen to compliment each other and appease the diverse tastes of the over 100 guest filmmakers at this year’s festival.

New York’s Family Dynamics features White Mountain Apache musician Laura Ortman and creates a textural improvisational sound using electronics, voice and orchestral instrumentation. Family Dynamics features four members from the band Stars Like Fleas. In addition to the arty gigs of Family Dynamics and Stars Like Fleas, members have also played with a variety of talents, including: Björk, Rhys Chatham, Vincent Moon, John Zorn, Sean Lennon, Deerhoof, TV on the Radio & Thurston Moore. Click on the band’s full bio HERE.

To hear new tracks from Family Dynamic’s upcoming album, please contact Robert Cangiano. Press Only.


The Nekid Bandit features Jef Johnston who takes on an Irish-like folk-rock rhythm and places forward vocal experimentation and crafty guitar work with electronic accents. Johnston, a Cherokee/Choctaw from Oklahoma, scored the award-winning film from 2007 by Sterlin Harjo (Seminole/Creek), Four Sheets to the Wind. NY Texan transplant, Drew Nix, whose music is also featured on Four Sheets to the Wind guests on The Nekid Bandit. Nix blends contemporary folk and country, sometimes with an upbeat and humoristic approach. Read The Nekid Bandit Bio HERE.

Listen to The Nekid Bandit’s “Point of You”:


Inuk singer/musician Elisapie Isaac is rising on the Montreal new music scene and already has one Juno award-winning album from her collaboration project Taima. Her music, called “Arctic electric new cool” and “Polar Pop,” pulls the listener in with her dreamy vocals and spritely whimsicalness. Read her bio HERE.




Listen to Elisapie Isaac’s “Inuk”:


Closing the night will be Brooklyn’s Martha Redbone whom TimeOutNY has said “In our opinion Redbone deserves Alicia Keys level success. She has the deep funk to back up her soul queen image and live she brings a groove-heavy powerhouse of a band”. Martha’ new indie soul music will be joined with guest musician and actor Gary Farmer (yes, the same Gary Farmer from Jarmusch’s Dead Man and Chris Eyre’s Smoke Signals), who also splits his time between community activism, acting and with his blues band, Gary Farmer and the Troublemakers singing and playing a masterful harmonica. Read Martha’s bio HERE.

Listen to Martha Redbone’s “Skin”:


Two of the bands, The Nekid Bandit and Elisapie Isaac will also appear in New York the same week. The Nekid Bandit w/ Drew Nix will perform at Williamsburg’s Pete’s Candy Store, Saturday, April 2, from 11:00 pm to 12:30 am. Elisapie Isaac will grace Manhattan’s Lower East Side’s The Living Room stage for three nights starting at 7pm on April 4, 5 and 6.

The Native American Film + Video Festival is dedicated to indigenous production from throughout the Americas, designed to be a welcoming place for Native filmmakers and other participants in indigenous film.  In this year’s Festival more than 100 participants in Native film will be here from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Suriname, and the United States. This provides the audience with an unparalleled opportunity to see great new films and to be part of conversations with creative people from so many Native communities.

The NAFVF11 Closing Night Concert will be held on Sunday, April 3, from 10 pm until closing at Southpaw, 125 Fifth Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11217. Tel: (718) 230-0236. FREE ADMISSION. For more information on the festival, visit the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian Film + Video Center at or call (212) 514-3731.

FOR PRESS ONLY: If you would like to hear more tracks by the featured artists, contact Robert Cangiano to send you the private Soundcloud link for the festival line-up.

For Band bios, click HERE.


(Image from ‘Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo.’ Photography by Shane Brown.)

If you haven’t seen this compelling documentary about Oklahoma’s female inmates partaking in a break from prison life for a chance to compete in the state’s Penitentiary Rodeo, or if you have seen it but want to see it again or share it with a friend, save “Sweethearts of  the Prison Rodeo” on your Netflix queue and bring it that much closer to convenient viewing.

From the filmmakers that brought you ‘Okie Noodling,’ ‘Fearlesss Freaks,’ ‘Summercamp!’ and “The Creek Runs Red’ comes another heart-gripping journey into Americana life—the subculture of the Oklahoma penitentiary system and the modern-day Wild West: ‘Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo.’

Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo’ goes behind prison walls to follow convict cowgirls on their journey to the 2007 Oklahoma State Penitentiary Rodeo. In 2006, female inmates were allowed to participate for the first time. In a state with the highest female incarceration rate in the country, these women share common experiences such as broken homes, drug abuse and alienation from their children. Since 1940, the Oklahoma State Penitentiary has held an annual ‘Prison Rodeo’. Part Wild West show and part coliseum-esque spectacle, it’s one of the last of its kind – a relic of the American penal system. Prisoners compete on wild-broncs and bucking bulls, risking life-long injuries. For inmates like Danny Liles, a 14-year veteran of the rodeo, the chance to battle livestock offers a brief respite from prison life. Within this strange arena the prisoners become the heroes while the public and guards applaud.

Freedom, family, forgiveness—these are human needs. Without ever loudly announcing its statement of purpose, while focusing on bulls and broncos and adrenaline, “Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo” makes a plea for human dignity and compassion. –Filmmaker Magazine

SWEETHEARTS OF THE PRISON RODEO, (is) a gorgeous, insightful, hilarious, emotional look at tradition, criminal justice, hope and regret.  It’s as pure a piece of movie-making that you will see in nonfiction in 2009, commercial as hell, and certainly one of the best films of the year. – A.J. Schnack, All These Wonderful Things

‘Sweethearts…’ is a story of gladiatorial desperation and hope, tied up with one whole lot of Oklhahoman heart – Hell yeah!” – Time Out London

For more information on the film or to buy it directly, visit the film’s website at:


  • Login to Netflix
  • Once on the film title page for SWEETHEARTS, click “SAVE”
  • Once you get a confirmation that it’s been added to your Queue, SWEETHEARTS OF THE PRISON RODEO will be that much closer to becoming available as a rental on Netflix.